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Mechanical Zero-Point Clamping

With the mechanical zero-point system, clamping devices like center clamping vise, self-centering vise, machine vise can be rapidly changed on the base unit.
The zero-point-clamping-system enables an increase in machine run-time and manufacturing quality.
The change of the clamping devices is done only by a central clamping screw.

Due to the flat design and the fixturing holes of the zero-point-system a universal mounting on the machine table or on fixturing devices is possible

  • Two reliable structural designs
  • 005mm repeatability
  • Clamping force up to 15000N
  • Size and center distance can be customized
  • Compact Design,4-point clamping by only one actuation screw
  • Strong clamping allows heavy duty machining
  • Multiple workpieces holding, maximizes fixture spaces for clamping multiple workpieces
  • 2 jaws locate and clamp the pull studs with high accuracy, precise and quick fixture change
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