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Probe & Stylus

Probe and stylus accessories

If the measuring depth is insufficient or measurements are necessary in places with difficult access, probe head extensions provide assistance.

  • Tungsten Steel Stylus
  • Ceramic Stylus
  • Shaped and Customize Stylus

Every application is different, which is why GSS offers a wide range of different types of stylus components and accessories. From extensions to adapters, from rotary to swivel joints, GSS offers the most suitable accessories for even the most challenging applications.
To give production more leeway in to utilize tolerances, it is essential that manufacturing measurement technology and quality assurance systems use methods with the lowest possible measurement uncertainty. Measurement uncertainty is often determined by the smallest components in the measuring system, such as the stylus configuration. Selecting suitable components to create the stylus configuration is essential to ensure absolute reliability and precision.
To meet maximum precision and quality requirements, GSS probing system components are manufactured to the highest standards. Thanks to the different types, materials, sizes and connectors, GSS probing system components can be used with any kind of probe head, sensor and probe used on coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), 3D laser trackers, portable measuring arms and machine tools.

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