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Tool Setter

Tool Setting Solution for Tool Measurement and Detection (Laser, 3D touch, Zero set)

GSS offer three kinds of tool setter :  laser measuring, length measurable , length and diameter measurable

Your Benefits of Using Tool Setter

  • Saving CNC machine downtime and increasing reliability
  • Prevent defective products caused by tool breakage
  • Accurate tool length and diameter measurement, tool offset calculation and correction
  • High accuracy, high stability, repeatability is 0.001mm (Machine tool errors are not considered)
  • The warranty time is 1 years, spare parts are available, any problem will dealt with quickly by our after sales team
  • Reasonable price, compare to all other competitors (i.e. Renishaw , Blum, Marposs, Metrol) brand.

We provide overall tool detection solution, which can detect milling cutter, grinding head, grinding wheel, measuring tool length and diameter, tool breaking and damage alarm

We have a variety of products: from small engraving machines to large machining centers, contact and non-contact types, different principle, such as contact switch, photoelectric switch, kinematic resistant and laser control, to meet your machining requirements and budget completely.

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