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Touch Probe

Workpiece Touch Probe for CNC Machine (Infrared, Radio wave and Wired)

Machine Tool Probe Basic

The workpiece probe basic is the same as Renishaw brand, three equally spaced rods rest on six tungsten carbide balls to provide six points of contact. Under load of the spring, contact patches are created between the balls and the rods through which the electrical current flows. Upon making contact with (touching) a workpiece, the force translated through the stylus moves the balls and rods apart thus reducing the size of the contact patches and increasing their electrical resistance. When a defined threshold is reached the probe is triggered.
Repeatable electrical triggering and mechanical reseating of the mechanism are critical to this process and fundamental to reliable metrology

GSS offer three kinds of probes including :

  • Infrared touch probes,
  • Radio wave  probes
  • Hard-wired  probes

Your Benefits, Why Choose GSS Probe Solution

  • Set workpiece coordinates before machining to reduce the impact of fixture and incoming material errors
  • Improve machine tool manufacturing efficiency, reduce machine downtime awaiting first-off inspection results
  • High accuracy, high stability, repeatability is 0.001mm (Machine tool errors are not considered)
  • Long battery life (5 times as long as Renishaw)
  • The warranty time is 1.5 years, spare parts are available, any problem will dealt with quickly
  • Reasonable price, compared with the competitive brand has a larger advantage


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